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Just like you, we are automotive enthusiasts as well. A lot of the time we want a particular item, but it just cost way too and the cost for it is not justified. The two words quality and affordable usually do not go together in the same sentence, but as a fresh company to the scene, our goal is to offer our customers quality products while making them affordable at the same time. Quality and affordable products combined with excellent customer service creates a company that is working for their customers.

Currently here at Concepts In Motion we specialize in Vent Pods for your Audi/VW/BMW applications. Our Vent Pods house a 45mm electrical boost gauge that is perfectly colormatched to your application! With an electrical boost gauge you get a more accurate and precise reading. Best of all it is a "buzz free" gauge unlike many mechanical gauges. Although it is a 45mm gauge, the display of the gauge is equivalent to a standard 52mm gauge. We have other products going through the normal R&D phase too. Please check our site often for updates to our product line.